You & your money, first.

In a world of bros and know-it-alls, we applaud anyone who approaches crypto with caution. After all, too many people and platforms are unreliable, misleading, and far from transparent. That's one of the reasons we built Neverless. And set ourselves key principles regarding transparency, safety, and customer service.

Crystal clarity


We give it to you straight. No complicated language. No indecipherable terms. Ironically.

No asterisk on our fees

Many claim they’re commission-free but hit you with other fees. We don’t. When we say there are no fees, we mean zero.

No hidden risks

No return is risk-free. Unlike others, we’re always honest about the risks involved. We even have an in-app risk dashboard, updated in real time.

Real help, real people

Powered by AI humans

You hate support bots? We do too. That’s why you’ll only find real people and Actual Intelligence on the other side of the screen.


The same person will be responsible for solving your issue end-to-end. No more bouncing around from agent to agent.


Nobody likes it when their agent is reading a script. So ours don’t. Only licensed to help. And truly understand your needs.

Bank-grade protection

Only best practices

Our core team comes from a bank that looked after 40m+ customers and €17bn+ in assets. Designed and operated the industry-leading security protocols.

Strong client authentication

Every mobile device is attached to your biometrics. Multi-factor authentication is triggered by default for all sensitive operations and cannot be disabled.

Passcode security

Passcodes are never stored in plain text and irreversibly hashed using a competition-winning algorithm so that no one can read or decrypt them, including us.

Regulatory excellence

European standards

Registered as a Virtual Asset Service Provider in multiple EU countries, we answer to several regulators who are at the forefront of financial regulations.

Full-stack defence

Identities are thoroughly verified with cutting-edge machine learning to turn criminals away. Transactions are continuously monitored for suspicious activities.

Tier-1 partners

We only work with the world’s best financial crime technology firms.

Privacy by design

Yours truly

We never sell your data to third parties. Only strictly needed personal identifiable information are collected for fraud prevention and regulatory compliance purposes.

End-to-end security

Data are encrypted at rest using AES-256 and in transit using TLS 1.2 or greater. We leverage Google Cloud for physical security of our servers, see their controls here.

Least privilege access

Our staff is thoroughly vetted and regularly trained on data protection. Minimum access is given on a need-to-know basis and frequently reviewed.