You & your money, first

In a world of bros and know-it-alls, we applaud anyone who approaches crypto with caution. After all, too many people and platforms are unreliable, misleading and far from transparent.

That's one of the reasons we built Neverless. And set ourselves the highest standards regarding transparency, safety & customer service.



We give it to you straight. How your money is invested & all risks involved, however small.


Best-in-class support

Forget about jumping from agent to agent, repeating your issue 17 times. We're on it now.


Bank-grade security

Our core team comes from a bank that looked after 35m+ customers. We know a thing or two.


Safeguarded funds

We exclusively partner with tier-1 institutions for safeguarding funds.



We're an EU-registered VASP and have adopted the highest standards of AML/CFT detection.



Your information is always protected. We store your data in an encrypted format on GDPR-compliant servers & operate only through secure, encrypted transmissions.