About time

Our mission at Neverless is simple. More money for more people.

This means ensuring everyone can make money like the 1%. Giving access to high-end tools that were only available to an elite minority. Democratising finance for real. For everyone. Everywhere.

Big words, we know.

But a decade ago, other apps claimed to change the game, and honestly? They missed the mark. They made it easy to enter a market where the odds are stacked against the little guy, thanks to institutions with better tech and greater know-how.

Turns out, no one needed more 'simpler investing' apps. We needed one to level the playing field with the same firepower as the big boys.

And we knew how to do it. After all, our founders helped turn Revolut into the biggest neo-bank in Europe. Not only did this teach us all that's wrong with the current system. It also showed us that it's possible to build something new. Something big. Something needed. Against all odds.

So we stepped in.

Neverless now gives anyone access to passive and active investment tools that are leaps and bounds ahead of any other retail platform. Developing products that compete with the most exclusive hedge funds.

There's nothing wrong with always wanting more.

Welcome to Neverless.